Above-brand programs

Minerva’s above-brand programs explore a disease state or subspecialty of medicine. These programs can be designed as an introductory course to the disease state or subspecialty, or they can be formatted for an audience whose expertise on the topic is more advanced. We work with clients to identify marketing goals and develop engaging content that is fair and balanced between brands.

We can manage every aspect of above-brand programs including:

  • Identifying client marketing goals
  • Content development incorporating various brands with non-bias while still meeting marketing goals
  • Association communication (if program is held in conjunction with association)
  • Faculty recruitment, contracting, and support
  • Speaker training
  • Identifying knowledge gaps
  • Advertising
  • Venue / Catering / Audio Visual management
  • Creating and printing program materials
  • On-site logistics
  • Travel arrangements
  • Post-meeting reports
  • Interactive webcasts
  • Online database for clinicians to access pertinent handouts and information from past programs
  • Ensuring all program materials are processed and approved by client’s regulatory procedures
  • Ensuring program operates within Pharma guidelines