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ACOG II 2013 Afternoon PosterOctober 26, 2013 
21st Century Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment: The Impact of New Technologies
Satellite Symposium at ACOG District II Conference sponsored by Myriad Genetic Laboratories


Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment has become a standard part of many Ob/Gyn practices, as noted by many societal guidelines. The approach and technology that supports Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment is rapidly evolving. The testing technology has now expanded from single syndrome to panels of clinically relevant genes.

In her talk, Dr. Snow addressed the changes in genetic and hereditary cancer testing as it applies to panel testing. She discussed the advantages of hereditary cancer panel testing and next generation sequencing. Dr. Snow uses the genetic family history form below in her practice, and it is posted here for your use.

Download Genetic Family History Form by Dr. Snow

Click here to watch a video from Dr. Snow about the importance of routinely screening for hereditary cancers (note: this link will take you to an external site powered by Myriad Genetics).



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